Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why irresistible?

As an undergraduate, I studied at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Those years were a revelation for me, in many respects. I gained a new appreciation for corn, pigs, and pipe organs, and I was introduced to Calvinism. I can’t claim to know much about Calvinist theology but the idea of “irresistible grace” really appealed to me. It seemed true in a way that I understood in my bones more than my head.

That’s my experience of faith. God has a hold of me and, like it or not, we’re stuck with each other. Lord knows I’ve tried to run away at times and I have no doubt that He’s frequently been tempted to dump me in some deep desolate ravine. But here we are.

Theatre is like that for me, too. Not that theatre is my religion – though I certainly understand that idea – but it has a hold on me that I cannot deny, ignore, or wish away. I have tried to escape, dabbling in other careers and occupations, learning to knit and bake bread, reading novels instead of plays. But somehow I always come crawling back, hungry, empty, and tired out from all that resisting.

When I named my blog, I wanted it to reflect my two great, intertwined passions because the theatre-God connection is certain to appear regularly in these pages. I find I can’t easily talk about my faith without also talking about my art and when I am practicing my art, I feel most immersed in my faith.

Over the next several months, I will be enjoying my first-ever sabbatical, a marvelous concept that is arguably the greatest perk of academia. I'll be using this space to talk about my travels, my adventures, my inspirations. And, of course, to rant and rave about all the theatre that will inevitably fill my time and my mind.



Kaylee said...

Beautiful. Perfectly stated. I look forward to reading your thoughts and posts and smiling often.

Karyn Guenther said...

Your writing is lovely. Somehow I can never quite explain how theatre and God are meshed in my head. This was a great example.

kat said...

so i am a little behind on following your blog seeing AS I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD ONE (you need to advertise this badboy)!!!! but because you're on vacaysh, i can catch up. hoorah.

but this post especially was amazing. how come i can't state my thoughts so perfectly.

...irresistible... that was the word i was looking for my whole life when it comes to the draw i have for theatre and for god.
anyways, thanks for finding the word. now i don't have to boggle my mind everytime i try to describe my passion for both.